The Council – Who We Are and What we do

Who We Are

The Councillors

Parish Councillors are elected to serve the community every four years with the last election being in May 2019. Any vacancies that arise between elections are filled through a by-election or by co-option. This Council was formed in 1986 and consists of eight Councillors a Parish Clerk (Proper Officer of the Council) and a Responsible Financial Officer. The Council also employs two stewards for The Ark. If you would like to contact any member of the Parish Council, please do so via the Parish Council Clerk, however individual councillors’ contact details are also shown below, as well as each councillors’ completed Declaration of Interests.

Parish Clerk

The Parish Clerk,
Turners Hill Parish Council,
The Ark,
Mount Lane,
Turners Hill,
West Sussex,
RH10 4RA
The office is open to the public 9am-12.30pm, Tuesday-Thursday.
Bruce Forbes
Cllr (Mr) Bruce Forbes
Cllr (Mr) Adam Palin
Cllr (Mr) Owen O’Grady
Cllr (Mr) Ian Gibson
Cllr (Mrs) Sue Hughesdon
Cllr (Mrs) Tracy Mugridge
Cllr (Mrs) Carole Steggles
Cllr (Mrs) Chris Jarvis Declaration of Interests

What We Do